It’s the story of a stone

Nice country of Congo where there are beautiful stones. Whether they are precious, fine or not, they are astonishing and colorful: Pink Salt of cobalt, Malachite, Chrysocolla, Azurite ….

He grew up in one of these mining villages and tells me how beautiful his village was at the time of his childhood.
He saw them well these beautiful colored stones .
With his friends, he even used some of them to kill snakes because many of them lived over there.
Nobody around him paid really attention to those multicolored stones.


He adds with a smile that he never thought that one day, they would get so much value!
Today at the exit of the village: other children.
Below: orange tarpaulins, tarpaulins that marks the limits of a workspace.
There are many groups of children and parents, they talk, they sing, they laugh too, …

However, if you knew how hot it is outside and how hard and cutting a stone can be when it is washed by small hands and one is even not 10 years old!