All you wanted to know about chrysocolla!

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After a few researches here and there, I propose you a small resume of what is Chrysocolla.

But what a strange name is that ?   (thanks to Wikipedia and Larousse)

The name comes from the Ancient Greekχρυσός κολλα (chrysos kolla), “gold glue”,[5] in allusion to the name of the material used to solder gold, and was first used by Theophrastus in 315 BCE.

Here is for the name.


Where can we find it ? 

Chrysocolla has a cyan (blue-green) color and is a minor ore of copper, having a hardness of 2.5 to 7.0. It is of secondary origin and forms in the oxidationzones of copper ore bodies.

Notable occurrences include Bacan Island IndonesiaIsraelDemocratic Republic of CongoChileCornwall in England, and ArizonaUtahIdahoColoradoNew MexicoMichigan, and Pennsylvania in the United States.



And for those who believe in stones power, here are what people say about chrysocolla   : (I disclaim all liability on these last two lines, thank you)

The benefits : Kindness, Harmony, Intuition, Peace and Tolerance.

Astrological signs: Libras, Gemini, Sagittariuses.

If chrysocolla was not already so beautifull,… with so many benefits supposed to be, I would ask for that it’s been offered to everyone on this earth,  wouldn’t you ? 

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