Artist Sculptor Bronzier

Attracted by the beauty of things, admiring people who have a gift, a talent, I putted a finger at the Réunion des Musées Nationaux in 1992 by making for this prestigious institution, stamps representing works of art that I watched from far.

I then took other paths including the one of the communication and it is through an atypical way, during a trip in 2012, that the Art crossed again my road, passing through the small door, the one that I have always preferred.

Seeing poor men materially speaking and so rich in the power of their hands, their souls, performing wonders with “almost nothing” – only their inner wealth – nothing in common with our consumer society, I dared to try.
This is how the school of life made me discover bronze: a real passion !

Having the chance to travel, I’m pleased to share my photos with you, keeping two great ideas in mind:

  • Our world is just sublime!
  • Life is Beautiful !

I chose to look towards the light, wanting to show you the most emotions as possible.Fine stones have entered my path recently.

Always related to travel and discovering every day again, I chose to share with you these discoveries with a great desire to create achievements, in progress and coming up soon, full of colors. This is my promise !

Membre de la Société des Poètes et Artistes de France (S.P.A.F.)

– Diplôme d’Honneur avec Félicitations du Jury pour son travail « Bronzes en Couleurs » congrès SPAF Septembre 2016
– 1er Prix de Sculpture – SPAF Bretagne 18 Juin 2017
– Prix de Sculpture à Vézelay – 59ème congrès SPAF Octobre 2017
– Prix spécial Sculpture 2018 avec mention pour l’oeuvre “Le Mystère” SPAF Bretagne Juin 2018
– Prix Région Bretagne “Fusion de la couleur et du métal” Sculpture SPAF Septembre 2018


4, Allée des Hirondelles,
56890 Meucon,

Phone: +33 (0)6 32 21 56 56