Fallen in the melting pot by chance, in Africa,
I love bees and their visits as soon as I work the wax,
I usually use a simple kitchen knife to carve it,
Totally addicted to the scent of this same wax,
In ecstasy when watching the power of molten bronze,
I love discovering the hidden treasure in the mold when I break it,
I create new oxidations and I love playing with patinas,
Always looking for new experiences,
I am passionate and always curious to see the final result in your eyes when discovering my creations.

Birth of a bronze

The magic of fire arts is fascinanting. Here, are with pictures, different steps from carving on wax untill the patina. Approximately 10 different stages, through which the wax creation becomes an attractive bronze.

Art is the surest way to escape the willness of the world, and yet there are no other safer bonds than those whose art is the first principle.

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
La femme à la fleur
La femme à la fleur

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